Telemental Health Services

With the increase in working-at-home models and more indoor time necessitated by the recent pandemic, people battling mental illnesses are looking for alternative ways to access mental health services.
Answers LLC offers the best and most affordable telemental health services in Idaho Falls. We offer our therapy sessions on easy-to-use online platforms so you can continue receiving the same benefits you would get with a face-to-face interaction of working with a mental health professional you trust.

 You can access therapy through various telecommunications and videoconferencing technology while maintaining a safe distance.

telementlal health service idaho falls
We are committed to providing the support you need to maintain optimal mental health in the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Using Telemental Health Services

Simple to Use

We provide our services on Zoom, a free and easy video chat platform that you can easily access through your computer or laptop. You can also download the Zoom app on your Apple and Android phone or tablet.


You can access telemental health services at flexible hours on your schedule especially if childcare is a concern for you. You also don’t need to take much time off work or travel.

Broader Access

Whether you live in a big city, a small town, or a remote area, you can access our mental health services whenever you need them.

Less Stigma

Telemental health allows you to access services in a private and familiar environment and exposes you to less stigma often connected to face-to-face sessions leading to better outcomes.

Drawbacks of Using Telemental Health Services

Some people try to claim that counseling has no real benefits and that it is simply a waste of time and money; however, research proves different! According to surveys, around eighty-percent of people in counseling consider it to be very helpful in their lives. The benefits of counseling range from overcoming personal trauma to gaining a greater sense of hope about life in general.

Listed below are several ways that counseling benefits individuals:

Access to Technology

Your finances may limit your access to video conferencing facilities leading to you missing out on appointments and the quality of care you require to make the expected recovery.

Technical Glitches

Technical issues such as long log-in processes and glitches are time-consuming and often lead to cutting the appointment short or rescheduling altogether.


Telemental appointments are prone to endless distractions such as web surfing, texting, scrolling through social media, and video games. These distractions lead to less engagement and may negatively impact the quality of the session.


Using cameras connected to online virtual platforms and sharing personal information in situations where others may hear may pose security and privacy concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We provide all our counseling services via telemental health.
After scheduling an appointment with us, we reach out via email to send you instructions on how to join a Zoom chat session.
No. Zoom is free to use and our services will be billed as normal.
Simply contact us to schedule an appointment with our receptionist for counseling telemental health or your community services for telemental health for community services.

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