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So, when you experience difficulties in processing an event in your life or feel completely overwhelmed by life’s challenges, therapy can help you bounce back.

Cognitive behavioral therapy or talk therapy has been shown to help manage mental health issues such as depression anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Talking to a professional counselor or therapist not only helps you to identify and understand your feelings but also offers you a space to develop practical coping skills to manage your challenges.

By enacting a working plan and using all available resources we are able to achieve drastic improvements and find successful solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing the best counseling services Idaho Falls & Pocatello has to offer.

What Our Clients and Community Say About Us

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Jen JaxnJen Jaxn
14:12 12 Feb 24
So grateful for Answers taking care our kiddos (both have Speech Apraxia and ADHD) and helping navigate all the steps for testing and coordinating with their schools. They strength is kindness and trustworthiness.
Jill CrooksJill Crooks
19:19 30 Jan 24
Sylvia gave a very informative presentation about your organization at our morning meeting. We appreciate your service to our community. We feel it an honor to donate some of the items we produce to your agency.
Tj PaytonTj Payton
18:40 08 Jan 24
Tj PaytonTj Payton
18:40 08 Jan 24
Patty PittmanPatty Pittman
18:56 03 Dec 23
Desiree wilkinsonDesiree wilkinson
16:40 26 Nov 23
Jodie Stookey, FNP-CIv never has a nurse practitioner over a MD. Actually was always worried that the knowledge and ability was not able to be preformed per my needs but this is 💯 not the case at all. Jodie is now my new PCP. Im a complex case with autoimmune diseases since i was 19 years. Each time im in for a visit she takes time to listen and give the medical attention needed to get me to my specialist. Back office Nurses communicates with whats is needed in a timely manor. Front office is welcoming and accommodating to my appointment needs. Very happy. Thank you!
Brittney JensenBrittney Jensen
02:36 25 Nov 23
Emma ClarkEmma Clark
16:55 19 Oct 23
Gloria ManhattanGloria Manhattan
15:36 25 Sep 23
Kamille in the billing office was extremely helpful and reassuring in regards to my bill, she’s a hard worker and very pleasant to speak with. Thank you Kamille for the information you provided me with. Nancy Hamilton
Jeremy JacobsJeremy Jacobs
22:01 07 Sep 23
I have had great luck with answers. In my opinion they have a lot to offer for services and they are very committed to help you I have been guided and helped through a lot of different things
amber curtrightamber curtright
18:04 31 May 22
I’ve been taking my son to answers for about 4 years now. He’s seen Thom and Lisa, both of which are amazing therapists. Lisa is very hands on and easy to talk to and Thom always listens and addresses concerns. They also have an amazing team of case managers and CBRS and peer. My son has had the same CM for about 4 years and without her I wouldn’t of been able to help my son the way I have. They have extensive knowledge of the community and resources to help you and aren’t afraid to branch out other places when needed. They finally have a great med management team as well through Ascend. Highly recommend this company for anyones therapy or other needs. They get you in as fast as they can and set up with as many services as you need and are very quick to start helping you on the road to recovery.
Merrill PageMerrill Page
04:22 12 May 22
I have had the opportunity to work in the mental health area providing case management services and Community Based Rehabilitation Services/ Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services for over 20 years. I have worked for five agencies through that time, and of all of the agencies I have worked for I have found that Answers has been the most reputable and principled organization I have ever had the opportunity to associate with.I have found the therapists to be empathetic, validating and highly professional, the office staff to be cheerful and inviting, and the home and community based resources are ethical and supportive.I am honored to be associated with this agency for five years and look forward to many more years of employment with them as I love the work that I do .

Counseling Services

& Therapy

Whether you need education on new coping techniques, need some objective professional perspective, or need an empathic supportive listener, our fully licensed staff is ready to help you start your journey right now.
Learn More About Counseling

Health Services

We’re providing our same, therapeutic services by taking advantage of the technological advances we all utilize on a daily basis. While it’s not face-to-face interaction, you’ll still receive the same benefits of working with a mental health professional you can trust.
Learn More About Telehealth


We specialize in assisting those with cancer or organ failure. Helping those access and coordinate all care available to lift them and their families through this challenging time.
Learn More About Tramatic Illness

Community Support Services

Support Specialists

Our Family Support Specialists have experienced raising a child with mental illness, navigating multiple child-serving systems, and assisting the child in developing the resiliency needed for recovery. Let them assist you as a parent through these issues.
Learn More About Family Support Specialists


Doctor’s appointments, transportation issues, educational/vocational concerns, legal trouble, family problems, financial shortcomings, sometimes this can all be overwhelming. Let our case managers help organize and teach you to coordinate all of your tasks.
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Community Based Rehabilitation Services

Sometimes behavioral issues require more than just visits with a therapist. CBRS workers work more frequently with clients that have higher level issues on skill building techniques to move towards recovery.
Learn More About CBRS

Peer Support

Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone that has gone through the same problems as you. Our Peer Support Specialists have gone through similar events and have conquered them. Our specialists will help you conquer your problems, too.
Learn More About Peer Support Specialists

Medicare &
Medicaid Specialists

At Answers, we know the ins and outs of the Medicare and Medicaid world and have guided East Idahoans through the complexities of our healthcare systems. We are your resource to understanding your rights and your options.
Learn More About Medicaid & Medicare Specialists

What Type of Therapy is Right for YOU?

Too often, you can go through a traumatic experience or horrible loss that can leave you feeling scared, hopeless or even empty. Often, such experiences can interfere with your career, everyday life and your ability to cope. However, no matter what, it’s always possible to move past your issues by working with a caring and compassionate counselor. 

Whether it’s marriage counseling, family therapy, or individual therapy, you can get the help you need to live a fulfilling life. To better understand how Therapy works it’s best to start by explaining the different types of therapy that are available at our clinic.

There are a few different options available when you decide that therapy is the right course of action for you. You can seek therapy with a psychologist, counselor or social worker who is licensed in his or her respective state.

Individual Therapy can assist you by allowing you to speak with a professional on a one on one basis. During your counseling, the mental health professional will work with you to provide you with insight into your issues and resources you can use to resolve them or at least work through them so that you can accept your situation and move on with your life in a positive way.

Group Therapy is a form of counseling in which you are included in a group of people who have gone through similar situations as you. It can benefit you because like-minded individuals can discuss their issues like emotional trauma, anger, depression, and anxiety, and reach a breakthrough.

You can also choose to attend couples counseling with your partner to learn and benefit from other couples in a group setting.

Family Therapy is another option when you seek therapy. Often, it is recommended when there is a situation within your family that is hindering you and family members.

Attending family therapy helps you and your family members to develop better communication and conflict-resolution skills. As you resolve the lingering issues and understand each other’s perspectives better, you create new and stronger bonds. 

Benefits of Therapy

There are numerous benefits to talking about your issues with a therapist.

  • The ability to gain perspective when discussing your problems or troublesome situations and provide insight into how to resolve them
  • Alleviates emotional or psychological symptoms
  • Returns you to a healthier state of mind
  • Reduces the extent of your psychological problems
  • Has the potential to enable you to make positive personal changes
  • Assists you in resolving personal issues through support and guidance
  • Teaches you anger management skills for improved emotional control
  • Teaches you to learn how to better deal with strong emotions like grief
  • Helps you deal with addictive behaviors such as substance abuse, gambling, eating disorders or relationship issues
  • Regain and reclaim a sense of personal power while helping you to move forward in life instead of feeling stuck and hopeless
  • Marriage counseling helps to improve the quality of your relationship

Ready to Take the First Step?

We are ready and waiting to help you find the answers you are looking for.

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