Sylvia Place

Sylvia Place

Sylvia Place

Local Marketing Director

I am a native of Long Beach, California, but have been an Idaho girl since 2004. I’ve lived in Ammon, Rexburg, and St. Anthony, but Idaho Falls is home. I married an Idaho farm boy and settled down in 2020, right at the height of Covid. An extrovert to the core, I fought it out with my own Mental Health (and the high demand for toilet paper) during quarantine. We (everyone) are healing, but quarantine taught me that we can’t do it without each other.

Since high school, I’ve been a part of committees, councils, and companies that connected me not only with Mayors, City Council members, executive managers, and small business owners, but also with the wonderful people around me and in my community. I value the connection with people and their stories. Everyone has one. I really believe that when we take time to connect and converse with pure motives to listen, we will always learn something new and something about ourselves.

Only when we truly connect can we truly contribute. Marketing has helped me do just that.

Connect. Converse. Contribute.

Marketing in the mental health industry is more than raising awareness of our company and the services we offer. It’s about silencing the stigma and making mental health a collaborative effort. I see people fighting battles within. I see people try to pick up the pieces alone. Knowing that I can help them win that battle and connect them with a support system inspires me.

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