Individual Therapy in Idaho Falls

When you are passing through a tough period in your life, talking about your feelings and thoughts with a friend or family members can make you feel better.

However, sometimes you need help that they can’t provide. Anytime you need extra support, some expert guidance, or an outside perspective, talking to a therapist can help.

individual therapy

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy is a type of therapy that is a one-on-one conversation between a client and a counselor or therapist. Therapy allows an individual to explore their feelings and thoughts with the help of a trained professional. The counseling can help an individual to identify the challenges they face and learn skills that they need to overcome obstacles to their wellbeing.

During talk therapy sessions, a trained professional works with a client in a caring and confidential environment. This helps them to explore their beliefs, feelings, and behaviors, and walk through painful memories to identify aspects in their lives that they would want to change without fear. A counselor can work with a client for a few sessions or even for several years. It all depends on the goals they want to achieve with their clients.


Why Therapy?

Individual therapy has many different names, including psychotherapy, psycho social therapy, counselling, and therapy. But regardless what you call it, at the end of the day it will mean one thing: having a one-on-one conversation with a trained professional in a safe, confidential, and caring environment.

Therapy sessions allow you to talk through problems or difficult situations with a trained therapist in East Idaho. Therapy will not necessarily make your problems disappear, but it will equip you with the tools you need to cope with your problems more appropriately.


The Benefits of Individual Therapy

People seek therapy for various reasons, including dealing with depression and anxiety, coping with childhood trauma or major life challenges, seeking greater self-knowledge, setting goals for personal growth, among others. Every counseling session provides many benefits, including:

• Learning essential skills to handle stressful situations in life
• Increasing positive feelings such as self-esteem and compassion
• Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself
• Learning to control emotions
• Facilitating life changes



1. What happens during a therapy session?
Therapy sessions are more about problem-solving. The client gets the opportunity to describe their current situation and how they feel about it. A trained therapist in East Idaho utilizes their expertise to help the client resolve their problem.

2. What can I expect in my first therapy session?
By the time you seek counseling, you already have an issue that is bothering you. During the first session, the therapist will ask about your personal history, your current situation, symptoms, and any other relevant information. The first session also provides an excellent opportunity for a client to ask questions.

3. Is there a difference between talk therapy and family therapy?
Yes. Therapy involves working with one client at a time while family therapy involves working with families/couples.

4. Does talk therapy work?
Research has established that therapy may lead to lower relapses of common psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression.

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