Group Therapy in Idaho Falls

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a form of mental health counseling that allows participants to share their thoughts and feelings in a group setting. A qualified therapist leads the session and encourages people in the group to open up about certain challenges in their lives.

The therapist will ask participants questions and often chooses discussion topics that pertain to the group. Men and women of different ages can attend these types of sessions in Idaho Falls to try to get to the root of many of their problems in a supportive group setting.

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By attending one of these groups, you’ll be able to receive support from other people who are going through the same things as you. This can create a stronger sense of unity among group participants, which can instill greater confidence when it comes to sharing what’s on your mind.

Being in a group will allow you to hear a variety of opinions from more people, and this feedback can help you gain a healthier perspective on life’s challenges. You may also have the chance to develop new friendships and gain a greater understanding of people from different walks of life.



Q: Why should I attend group therapy?

A: This type of therapy provides an alternative to one-on-one psychotherapy treatment, and people who are afraid to meet individually with a counselor may feel more comfortable being around more like minded people in a group setting when trying to resolve their mental health challenges.

Q: What are some of the main goals of this type of therapy?

A: Therapy in a group setting is intended to help participants combat feelings of loneliness and identify maladaptive behaviors that could create additional obstacles in life. Other goals of this therapy include making sure that each person receives the positive reinforcement that they need from other group participants along with constructive feedback.

Q: Can I still attend individual therapy sessions?

You can still receive one-on-one counseling if you go to therapy sessions as part of a group. You’ll also still be able to receive any medications that are needed to address any mental health conditions.

Q: What if I’m uncomfortable sharing certain information about myself?

A: Even though participants are asked to be as open and honest as possible while attending these sessions, you won’t be forced to share anything that you don’t wish to discuss among the group. You can always choose to decline to answer any questions that are deemed too personal for you to discuss in a group setting.


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Group therapy may be the answer for you if you’re looking for an effective way to overcome certain mental and emotional obstacles. You’re welcome to contact our center in Idaho Falls to learn more about our current sessions and how this type of therapy can change your life for the better.

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