Tips for Learning to Trust After Trauma

Trauma comes in many forms. For some people, it’s the loss of a loved one. For others, it’s a significant betrayal, an accident, or perhaps being the victim of a crime. While the nature of the traumatic event can differ, the result is that the person feels hurt, confused, and mistrustful. Betrayal doesn’t just hurt because of the physical or monetary loss it causes, it can shatter a person’s worldview, leaving them feeling vulnerable.

Why Trust Matters

Trust is essential in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. If a person feels unable to trust, they’ll find themselves second-guessing everything those around them say and do. This is stressful, and someone who is experiencing a profound lack of trust may struggle even more because they can’t form the kind of close relationships needed to confide in people about their stress. Trust is lost following a traumatic event, yet it’s important to build trust as part of the healing process.

learning to trust after trauma

Learning to Trust Again is Possible

When you’ve been through a traumatic event, it may feel like you’ll never be able to trust anyone again. Learning to trust after trauma is a big step, but it’s something that is possible. To be able to relearn how to trust those around you, however, you may need to make changes to your thought processes, and to your life.

The first step to being able to trust people is to create an environment where trust is possible. That means giving yourself stability. At first that may be small things such as eating breakfast each morning, or brushing your teeth. Over time, that could be attending a social group every week, or going to work.

In some cases, such as someone who is leaving an abusive relationship or who has experienced collective betrayal, it may be important to leave toxic situations and avoid people who might cause more difficulties or hamper the healing process. Other individuals find it’s sufficient to learn to set boundaries with those who may try to exploit their trust in the future.

How Counseling Can Help

If you’re struggling to learn how to trust again after a traumatic event, counseling could be a useful next step. At Answers LLC we work with Southeast Idaho residents, providing a variety of counseling services. Our trained counselors are here to listen, ask questions and guide you through the process of forgiveness and healing. When you learn to trust yourself, set healthy boundaries and put yourself first, it becomes easier to trust others and to build a happy life after your traumatic event.

Everyone Heals at Different Rates

Learning to trust after trauma takes time, and it’s not something you can rush just because you or those around you feel that it’s time to get over the cause of the trauma. The healing process can be different depending on the individual and what it was they went through. Answers LLC is here to help you understand and process your feelings and make the decisions that are best for you as you move forward with that healing process.