How to Know If You’re Currently in an Unhealthy Relationship

Relationships require trust, respect, loyalty, and compromise. Of course, the truth is that some days are better than others when you’re dating someone else, but as long as you both have mutual love, respect, and appreciation for one another, good days should outweigh any potential misunderstandings or miscommunications you might have with your partner now and then.

But what if it feels like every day is a bad day? You’re probably wondering how to know if you’re in an unhealthy relationship or not.

Check out these five signs of potentially being in a toxic situation with your partner.

unhealthy relationship

#1. You’re Afraid to Speak Up

Do you feel every time you speak up about how you’re feeling or something that has bothered you, it leads to an argument? Even if you don’t want to argue, you may feel like your partner gets angry, has an outburst, or completely shuts off and isn’t responsive to you. If so, this is super problematic. You should be able to openly express your feelings and communicate with your partner, even if they don’t like what they’re hearing.


#2. You’re Fighting Every Day

No one should have to fight every single day. Relationships have their ups and downs, and you can expect to have disagreements with your partner from time to time. But, if you’re fighting daily over the tiniest things, it’s not healthy.


#3. Your Partner Tries to Control You

Do you feel like you can’t wear what you want to wear? Does your partner get upset when you decide to hang out with friends and do anything with anyone other than them? If so, this isn’t a good sign. It shows that your significant other is trying to control you, preventing you from having the freedom to hang out with family and friends or wear whatever you feel best putting on your body.


#4. You Feel Alone

Does your partner constantly make you feel like you’re alone? When you’re in a relationship, you should feel like you have someone to talk to, even when the rest of the world isn’t listening. A significant other should be there for you in both good and bad times. If you feel like you’re often left dealing with emotions and situations on your own, your partner may not care as much as you do, which is a problem.


#5. They Cheat on You

Have you found out that your significant other cheats on you or possibly even cheated on you in the past? If this is a recurring issue, it’s clear that they don’t respect you or the relationship, ultimately causing a lack of trust and loyalty between the two of you.


A healthy relationship is good for your mind, body, and spirit. When you’re in a healthy, non-toxic relationship, you feel respected, appreciated, and loved by the other person who cares about you and your feelings. If your relationship is the exact opposite and is causing you stress, frustration, and anxiety, it may be the right time to walk away. Sticking around could cause more problems in the long run while stripping you of your confidence and making you feel like less of a person because of how you’ve been treated.