Family Support Specialists in Idaho Falls

What Is Family Support?

The feeling of isolation and that people wouldn’t understand what they’re going through are some of the genuine challenges that parents or caregivers of a child with mental illness often grapple with. 

That’s why Certified Family Support Partners (CFSP) are crucial to the mental health system. CFSPs are parents who have raised or are raising a child struggling with mental illness. Our family support specialists are tasked with offering hope and encouragement to others by offering to share what they have experienced and the knowledge they have gained.

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Answers LLC is at the forefront of providing resourceful family support specialists in Idaho Falls. Their primary role is to assist families in areas such as information sharing, referrals, education, informal support, and advocacy. 

You can raise your child in a community of people who understand your situation and are ready to help in every way so you can help your child develop resilience and recover.

What You Can Expect From Us

Resourceful Family Support Specialists

Our family support specialists are professionally trained caregivers raising children who are struggling with mental health issues. They have navigated various child-serving health systems and can offer guidance and access to the resources that you need to improve your child’s quality of life and chances of recovery.

Personalized Support and Care

You can look forward to personalized family support care designed to cater to your child's unique needs. We connect you with a specialist that has the precise expertise you’re looking for. Whichever mental health issue your child may be struggling with, we can create the right support system you need.

A Reliable Community For Life

We offer a community you can count on for support on big and small issues. And we understand that parenting does not stop just because your child has attained a certain age. That’s why our family support specialists are always ready to help.

Counseling FAQ's

CFSPs are parents of children living with mental illness who are trained on mental health concerns to enable them to provide comprehensive and personable family support services.

Some of the benefits that CFSPs bring include:

  • Help to understand mental health disorders and how to navigate them
  • Creative family problem-solving skills
  • Connecting your family to resources and services
  • Life skill building
  • Help to develop resiliency
  • Advocacy and empowerment

No! We provide quality family support services for children of all ages.

You can call us at (208) 552-0855 or email us at [email protected] to get started.

Contact Answers LLC for Quality Family Support Specialist Services in Idaho Falls

For parents and caregivers of children living with mental illness, a little more support goes a long way. Our family support specialists at Answers LLC know exactly what you’re going through. We are always ready to help you build the skills you need to navigate the complex child-serving mental health systems in Idaho Falls.

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