Community Based Rehabilitation Services in Idaho Falls

Community Based Rehabilitation Services are designed to help people who need additional assistance or guidance with getting their life back on track. CBRS can play a huge part in helping a person become mentally well and lead a meaningful life. 

What Are Community Based Rehabilitation Services Or CBRS?

 Community Based Rehabilitation Services is a matrix that consists of five basic components. These five basic components include the following: 

  • Health
  • Education
  • Livelihood
  • Socialization
  • Empowerment

Providing a framework wherein a person can utilize their best strategies to become mentally well and integrate themselves back into society, Community Based Rehabilitation Services are individualized to provide the therapies and treatments each individual requires to achieve success. 

community based rehabilitation services

Who Is It For?

Anyone who is having issues with mental illness, depression, comorbidities, dealing with trauma or traumatic events in their life, or other issues in life can benefit from Community Based Rehabilitation Services. No one has to do it alone. There is help available and each treatment program is designed to provide the services required for each individual. Focus is placed upon learning age-appropriate skills that will transition into daily life and improve the quality of life. 


What Are The Benefits?

There are many great benefits to Community Based Rehabilitation Services. With a strong support network, individuals can leave trauma and other issues behind them and lead a normal life. Small changes can make huge changes in a person’s life and having the support to make such changes is a huge step in helping a person to make life changes that will help them through difficult times. 

Utilizing support via group therapy, individualized therapy, teletherapy, medication management, and a listening ear, many have found that they are stronger than ever and able to lead a normal life. Clients are given the tools to rebuild their lives and improve their coping skills and manage the triggering issues that cause them to lose course. Aftercare is provided in the form of continued counseling and therapies and help. 

As clients find themselves they can learn more about coping mechanisms and apply these to their daily lives. There’s a freedom in healing that helps the client to ease back into a safe and normal daily routine. 

There’s no reason to go this alone. Give us a call today and let us help you get your life back. Children and adolescents, peer support services, and family support services can all be integrated to help people get their lives back. Call us today at (208) 552-0855 and let’s get your life back.

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