7 Strategies to Keep Depression Away

Mental illness comes in many different forms. Depression is one of the most notorious forms of mental illness known to humans affecting close to 15 million people each year.

With the right counseling steps and precautions used, it can be possible to prevent and treat. It is all about changing habits, lifestyles, and keeping stress at the lowest level possible.



1. Exercise Often

Keeping the blood flowing with exercise is a great way to keep up with your mental health. When exercising, the body temperature increases and calms the nervous system. Chemicals such as endorphins release throughout the body and help keep mood swings from happening. It also keeps the immune system in check, which helps keep depression at bay.

2. Stop With the Social Media

There is nothing more depressing than all that is happening in the world today. Social media can bring the happiest person down with all the hate and bad news, which spreads like poison. The only thing good with social media is keeping in touch with friends who keep a person in good spirits.

3. Having Strong Relationships

Keeping positive relationships can go on the right side of social media. It also has a significant effect on mental issues by keeping in touch with good friends. Depression tends to pull us away from society. Friends, family, and social events can help uplift our spirits. Healthy relationships keep us from self isolating and helps us avoid the onset of depression.

4. Keep Stress Away As Best As Possible

It is almost impossible not to have stress around us, but choosing to stay away from events that cause anxiety will keep our mindset in balance. Meditation and letting things which we cannot control out of our lives is the best way to combat those unbearable thoughts.

5. Sleep and Plenty of Rest

People who suffer from insomnia are prone to have physical and mental health problems. Those who are struggling with depression tend to want to sleep all the time. It is one of the symptoms, but not having enough sleep can have the same effect. Science proves screens such as cell phones and televisions are critical factors to the cause of insomnia. Meditation and avoiding caffeine after lunchtime helps a person fall asleep faster.

6. Avoid Negative People

With the world the way it is now, this is difficult to do, but not impossible. Keeping bad vibes at a distance can regulate a person’s mood. It is all about the mindset and removing people who promote hate and negativity, and replacing them with those who love and are positive can dramatically change a person’s attitude.

7. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and many drugs are depressants and are proven to throw a person into a slump. They also cloud the mind and are not helpful in the path to good mental health.


There is Always Hope

Finding good friends and going through counseling sessions, along with implementing these strategies, can help bring a person peace of mind and happiness.

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