6 Signs Your Loved One Suffers From Depression

The Signs of Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health problems nowadays. It is believed that it has almost overtaken cardiovascular diseases and is about to come out on top. It is a syndrome and damage to your mental health. 

There are different manifestations of it: from severe depressive, psychotic disorders, when intensive inpatient treatment is necessary, to mild forms that can be treated on an outpatient basis with the help of a counselor.

Bad Mood vs Depression

Everyone can have a bad mood but this has nothing to do with the issue at hand. We often use the phrase “I’m depressed” loosely although actual depression is not associated with ordinary life problems. That is, the problems are the same as they have been all our life, but what we usually managed ourselves, are hard to overcome now. 

Often, depression manifests itself by an unwillingness to do anything, when a person stops coping with household and work responsibilities, does not want to talk to family or friends and everyday communication sharply narrows.

Very often, depression can include eating disorders (poor appetite, weight loss, and less frequently as overeating). It is common for an individual suffering from depression to no longer be interested in things that previously gave them pleasure. A person can say: I never liked working, but I loved watching football on TV, and now I do not want to. 

The Stigma With Depression

Here at Answers LLC, we encourage our clients to try their best to explain during their counseling sessions the feelings they’re experiencing. This can be hard for some because complaining about psychological problems in our society is not broadly accepted. Fortunately, we provide a safe, comfortable and non judgmental atmosphere where you can share anything you are going through.   

Physical illnesses such as a stomach ache or headache are more acceptable because people around can easily sympathize. Depression on the other hand is much more difficult for people to understand. Because of this, people suffering from depression are likely to hide their mental illness. There is even a separate term such as masked-depression, which occurs under the guise of physical suffering.

Six Common Signs of Depression

Mayo Clinic suggests various symptoms that can help you to identify if you or your loved one are experiencing depression.

According to their source, the most six common ones are:

1) Oppressed mood (melancholy, sadness, lethargy, and irritability).

2) Loss of joy (things that used to bring a good mood are no longer satisfying or interesting).

3) Fatigue (feeling tired, it seems that the energy is not enough even for small things).

4) Loss of self-confidence (excessive self-criticism or unreasonable guilt).

5) Sleep disturbance, changes in appetite, and weight.

6) Repeated thoughts of death or suicide, or attempts to do so.

If you experience one of those signs or you think that a loved one is suffering, do not hesitate to contact us. The realization that you might need counseling for yourself or for someone dear, to help with mental health, is a big step towards a happier future.

Answers is located in Idaho Falls serving East Idaho and we are here to help you to understand psychological problems, recover physically, and improve your quality of life.