5 Warning Signs of Mental Illness – When to Seek Help

Mental health is essential for living a happy and fulfilling life. A mentally healthy individual has a sense of belonging, learns and works well, and can cope with the stresses of life. 

However, the aftermath of a traumatic event or other life stressors can get overwhelming over time leading to a decline in mental health. If left unchecked, it would not only lead to poor physical health but also increase your risk of mental illness. 

No one test can tell you when mental illness is creeping in. But your family and friends may sound the alarm about subtle thought processes and behavior changes. When they communicate their concerns, it’s important that you take time to go through the danger signs of mental illness. 

If you can tick a few, you probably need to consider seeking help to prevent prolonged mental health problems.

signs of mental illness

Here’s a list of the top five danger signs of mental illness to look out for.

1. Decreased Functionality

Decreased functionality is when you find yourself struggling with routine tasks at home, work, or school. You may also have trouble concentrating, thinking, making decisions, and solving familiar challenges.

Other signs include withdrawal from friends, family, and the activities you used to enjoy because you feel tired all the time or you have difficulties understanding and relating to people. 

2. Sleep and Appetite Problems

Changes in sleep and appetite patterns can occur at both extremes. Some people never feel hungry or experience decreased appetite leading to rapid weight loss. Other individuals use food as a coping mechanism and end up gaining weight due to poor dietary decisions. 

Sleeping all the time or lack of sleep is another set of danger signs that contribute to the onset of mental illness by amplifying other problems like decreased functionality, sadness, and anxiety.

3. Persistent Sadness and Irritability

Prolonged feelings of sadness, worthlessness, and constant self-criticism can also be signals of mental illness. If left to fester, such distorted feelings can lead to severe problems like self-harm or even suicide. Other signs to look out for include irritability or uncharacteristic tendencies of hostility and violence. 

4. Extreme Feelings of Anxiety and Fear

Everyone experiences fear from time to time. But if constant worries and fears start to interfere with your daily routine, then it could be a sign that you’re not mentally healthy. Some of the symptoms that accompany anxiety include panic attacks, heart palpitations, and restlessness.

5. Distorted Reality

If you’re experiencing hallucinations or delusions that distort your perception of reality like hearing or seeing things that are not there, you may be suffering from acute mental illness. 


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