5 Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

For anyone that’s participated in modern society knows,

stress and anxiety can cripple our chances of achieving goals,

forming relationships and expressing ourselves.


If you’re ready to learn how to relieve stress and anxiety, keep reading!

stress and anxiety

1. Focus On Your Breath

As simple as it may sound, stress relies on our imagination and thought patterns to thrive and survive. Have you ever noticed racing thoughts, panicked behavior and shallow breathing in your most dire moments? Stress causes us to contract and become erratic in our behavior which, in turn, causes the stress to spread.

Instead, take a moment when you notice the stress beginning to show its face and focus on your breathing. Breathe in deep, hold the breath for a five-second interval, exhale and repeat. This practice may seem too simple to work but science has now shown us that concentrated breathing allows us to focus, stay calm and tackle the obstacle at hand.

2. Exercise More

No, the gym is not reserved for individuals that have a masochistic sense of joy. Regular exercise, rather it be cardio or weight lifting, provides our brain some much-needed love by providing a release of “feel good” chemicals. These chemicals — Oxytocin, Serotonin and Dopamine — allow us to move throughout our day with relative ease. Each of these chemicals act as a cocktail of happiness and joy that can single-handedly crush our stress.

3. Positive Habits

What if I were to tell you that your stress loves it when your daily actions are chaotic? Take a moment and go back to a time where your life was in utter shambles and your regular schedule was random at best — what do you notice? If you’re anything like the average person, your brain is flooded with images of worry, doubt and fear for the future. Committing to daily habits that push you further along in life will, inevitably, reduce stress and give you hope for the near future.

4. Laughter

Have you ever seen someone remain angry as they’re laughing? When we laugh, our entire biology changes and stress seems to melt away from our mind and soul. People that live happy, productive lives often find that they can laugh about small setbacks and become aware of how trivial most of their problems are. In the following weeks and months, actively engage with comedic material when you notice a sense of stress creeping back into your life.

5. Meditate

Meditation is one of the best techniques to learn when exploring how to relieve stress and anxiety. Find a quiet place to sit, remove distractions and pay attention to the intricate details that surround you in the room. Don’t worry if negative thoughts and ideas pop into your head — that’s normal! Instead of engaging with the mental chatter, bring your focus back to the moment at hand. Doing this on a regular basis will remove unwanted stress and anxiety from your lifestyle.

If you have never meditated before and would like to learn, you can try the Headspace app on your phone for free.

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