Top 5 Most Common Types Of Mental Disorders

There are many different types of mental illness out there that you need to be aware of. That way, you can tell if you or someone you know needs to get professional help.

Here are some of the most common mental illnesses.

1. Anxiety Disorders

An anxiety disorder can be very difficult to live with because it can make it hard for you to live your day to day life without having some kind of anxious reaction to situations. For instance, some people with anxiety have a hard time leaving their house because when they are out and have no control over their situation, it may cause them to have a panic attack. Luckily there are medications that can help with this and therapy is a good option too if you have an anxiety disorder.

common mental disorders

2. Mood Disorders

Everyone has their bad and good days but people with mood disorders have to deal with emotions that aren’t always appropriate for their situation. For instance, they may wake up in a depressed state unable to do anything even when there wasn’t anything that caused the depression. There are also mood disorders like bipolar disorder which comes with periods of time where their mood bounces back and forth between manic and depressive episodes.

3. Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders

Some people out there have problems like schizophrenia where they hallucinate and see, smell, and/or hear things that aren’t really there. It’s common for people with Schizophrenia to have trust issues because they feel like there are people working against them even when that is not the case. Although a cure for schizophrenia has not been discovered, many people with this disorder are able to live normal lives with the proper medication and therapy.

4. Dementia

When people age, some of them develop dementia. You can also face this kind of an issue if you have a drug and/or alcohol problem for an extended period of time. There are a lot of types of dementia and some include things like memories going away or not being able to communicate very well due to losing motor skills. This kind of disorder can be hard to deal with because the person with it may not know that they are having any kind of an issue. They just start to forget or have other issues that get worse as time goes on.

5. Eating Disorders

All kinds of people have different eating disorders. This is something that is common in people that have body image issues but it also affects people just out of the blue for one reason or another. An eating disorder could mean that you are eating a lot of food and then throwing it back up. You could also have an eating disorder that makes it hard for you to eat anything in the first place. Finally, some people can’t control how much they eat.