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3 Tips for Living Mindfully

living mindfullyAt Answers LLC we are always striving to bring you value. Today we would like to talk about living mindfully. In today’s world with its many distractions and things that occupy us, such as technology and social media, it’s more important than ever to remember to reconnect to ourselves. Mindfulness is defined as having awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surroundings. Living mindfully takes conscious effort but it pays off as it leads to a more fulfilling life.

Here are 3 tips for living mindfully…

1. The Mindful Pause or STOP

STOP is a well-known acronym designed to help with mindfulness practice. It stands for: Stop, Take a Breath, Observe what’s going on, Proceed. This can be done whenever you remember at any time of the day or whenever you may feel a stressful moment coming on. Similarly, taking a pause to scan your thoughts and body helps with living mindfully. It will clear your mind and calm your body so you can continue with your day.

2. Take time to really savor a meal

This is a very simple tip and one that anyone can do since everyone needs to eat! At least for one meal a day, make a conscious effort to smell, taste, and enjoy your food. Too often we eat on the go, in our cars, or at our desks. At the dining table, inhale the aromas. As you chew, note whether it’s salty, sweet, or sour. What kinds of textures is your palate experiencing? This will help you slow down and learn to mindfully appreciate what’s in front of you.

3. Take time to meaningfully connect with something living

At some time in your day, make it a point to connect with something living and breathing. If you have a pet, pet it meaningfully while fully being in the moment, not while you’re checking your email or watching TV. Notice its fur and how it breathes in and out. Even if it’s not a furry friend, and you have an aquarium of fish, mindfully feeding your fish counts! If you’re at the grocery store, look sincerely into your cashier’s eyes and give them a warm smile. At home, give a loved one a hug. Doing this at least once a day ensures that you are taking a moment, however brief, to connect with someone or something. These 3 tips for living mindfully serve as simple reminders to slow down and raise your awareness. This awareness could lead to positive changes, such as increasing self-confidence, gaining gratitude, and lowering stress.
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