10 Common Myths About Therapy & Counseling

Misconceptions and myths about therapy are quite common in today’s society. That’s because therapy and counseling remain shrouded subjects in society. These misconceptions keep people who actually need therapy from seeking assistance and getting better. In fact, it gives a highly effective treatment method a bad name and makes seeing a counselor a scary proposition. 

Answers LLC in East Idaho is glad to debunk 10 of the most common myths about therapy and counseling. We hope to encourage more and more people to seek therapy if they suffer from any mental or emotional disorders.


1. Myth: Therapy is for “crazy” people.

Fact: The majority of patients who attend therapy and counseling sessions are stable people. They are highly skilled and bright just like any other individual in society. The only difference is they have been struggling with mental and emotional issues for a long time and wish to put an end to their issues. In fact, they are seeing a counselor to learn techniques to manage their thoughts and emotions more effectively. Sadly, some people think that they should be diagnosed with a serious psychological disorder to seek therapy. People who seek therapy tend to cope with emotional disorders, stress, and grief more efficiently and learn to live life to the fullest.


2. Myth: A counselor doesn’t know me and he or she can’t help me.

Fact: This is one of the main reasons why counseling is so successful. The counselor is not part of your emotional turmoil or your day-to-day life. Hence, they are more impartial and less biased. They are not like your family who tells you what you should do. Instead, a counselor will teach you how to trust yourself more and find the correct answers that are right for your situation. 


3. Myth: The counselor will just sit, nod, and say nothing.

Fact: Modern psychology makes the counselor more active and involved in your situation. These professionals will engage in the conversation and help you move towards your goals. 


4. Myth: Therapists are all about money.

Fact: All therapists are not the same. In reality, the majority of therapists want the best for their patients. On the other hand, if therapists wanted money so badly, they would have easily gone to law school or business school and not a psychotherapy school. The most important thing is to find a highly qualified and experienced therapist in East Idaho.


5. Myth: Therapy is not necessary if you can talk to a good friend.

Fact: Yes, a good friend can support you when you are under stress and emotional distress. But therapy is quite different from your relationship with friends and family. Therapists are highly trained professionals who know how to diagnose and treat different cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and relational issues.


6. Myth: Counseling takes forever.

Fact: The length of counseling will depend on your goals, motivation, and the severity of your issue. Most counseling sessions will last between 6-12 sessions and are short-term.


7. Myth: People will know that I am seeing a counselor.

Fact: A counselor is bound by state laws and professional ethics to protect your confidentiality. This is true during the sessions as well as after the end of the sessions.


8. Myth: Counseling will change your personality beyond recognition.

Fact: In fact, counseling doesn’t require you to make changes that you are not ready for or you don’t like. You don’t have to do anything that goes against your beliefs and values.


9. Myth: Couples counseling will always make one person the villain.

Fact: Even though it’s important to gather information from both partners, a good counselor will focus on your relationship in general and not an individual.


10. Myth: Therapy is too expensive.

Fact: Therapy ranges from “free” in community clinics to expensive hourly rates if you work with a top therapist in the country. Some therapists offer their patients a sliding fee based on their income.


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