10 Activities You Can Do Today That Can Improve Your Mental Health

Have you ever felt like you’ve been stuck in a rut? I’m guessing the majority of us have. No matter how successful you are, everyone is still susceptible to burnout and mental strain.

Taking part in daily activities to maintain or improve your mental health is imperative to living a healthy and fulfilled life. Fortunately, Answers LLC is here to help!

We’ve compiled a list of ten helpful ideas to help you stay on track and diverge from the unhealthy ruts life seems to throw at us.

Mental Health


1. Identify Negative Patterns of Thought

It’s easy to allow yourself to become entrenched in negative patterns of thought. One way to combat these thought patterns is simply to note them. When you logically, without judgement, note the negative thought patterns that you’re entrenched in, you are one step closer to dislodging yourself from them.

2. Engage in Positive Self-Talk

The way you think about yourself determines how you feel. When negative thoughts start to creep in, try replacing them with positive ones. You might be surprised how big of an effect little changes can have when you’re working towards developing a positive outlook.

3. Write Down Your Feelings

One way to keep track of both positive and negative thought patterns is to write them down. Writing helps you to identify negative thought patterns, promote positive ones, and develop your thoughts and feelings more fully.

4. Set Goals

It’s important to set goals for yourself. They don’t have to be big goals. They can be as simple as buying groceries or getting out of bed in the morning. Setting goals gives you something to work towards, and accomplishing goals provides you with a sense of achievement and dedication.

5. Meditate

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by painful memories or an uncertain future, it’s important to stay mindful, centered, and focused. Meditation is a great tool for that. If you have a phone, there are a number of apps that you can use to help you get started: Calm and Headspace, for example.

6. Sleep Well

Out of all the activities to improve your mental health, getting enough sleep might be the most important. Lack of sleep has a cumulative effect—you may not feel it immediately, but in the long run, it will start to drag you down. Conversely, sleeping well will help you to achieve a state of positive mental health.

7. Work Out

Exercise is another important tool in your toolbox. Exercising is fun, healthy, and causes your body to release chemicals called endorphins, which promote positive feelings and reduce pain. Exercise can also help you boost your self-esteem. By overcoming difficult physical challenges, you may find yourself gaining a new perspective on yourself and what you’re capable of.

8. Change the Scenery

If you stay in one place for too long, it’s easy to retreat into a funk. That’s why it’s important to go out every once in a while. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. You could go out with friends, or just go for a walk. Regardless of how you do it, the act of going out can put you in a different, more productive mindset.

9. Ask for Help

There are many good mental health tips out there, but this is one of the best: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have friends or family who are willing to help, lean on them. If you don’t, or if they aren’t in a position to help you, you can get help online on websites like 7cups.

10. Be Helpful for Someone Else

When we think of ourselves less and think of others more, we naturally become happier. Be kind to others when they ask for help. When you are mentally and physically capable of helping, do so. Helping others not only makes you feel good, it helps the people around you feel good, bolstering your self-esteem and your sense of self-efficacy. It’s a cumulative effect!

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